Food And Wine

At Spoons Riverside our approach to food encompasses 3 key areas: fresh, seasonal and regional.
These areas are not just limited to the ingredients we cook with, but also flow throughout the business through individually selected regional wines, to the suppliers we stock in our Provedore.

The Mallee region provides a rich source of a range of flavoursome ingredients.
From its traditional base of supplying vine and stone fruits, as well as olives and olive oil, nuts, vegetables and game birds. 

Our menu changes with the season and focuses on seasonal and regional ingredients such as
Summer:  Stonefruit, melons
Autumn: newly harvested olives and local game birds
Winter: Local meats, beef, duck and pork
Spring: lamb, new season almonds


The wine list at Spoons has been created around wines from the Murray Darling and surrounding areas, which have been individually chosen to enhance the inspired seasonal menus. Bendigo and Macedon Ranges wines, made by a number of leading winemakers, are especially featured, representing some of Victoria’s most interesting and innovative wine styles.

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Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Childrens Menu


We source from a range of regional suppliers who are committed to producing products that demonstrate the uniqueness of the Swan Hill region.

Products from a selection of these suppliers are available for purchase from our Provedore

  • Supplier
  • B+B Microherbs
  • Boort Salute Olives
  • Olson Pheasant Farm
  • Chislett Citrus Fruits
  • Gray's Bakery
  • Kyalite Pistachios
  • Jamie's Salad Dressings
    Lake Boga
  • Lake Boga Strawberry Farm
    Lake Boga
  • Mallee Kitchen Garden
  • Murray River Salt Company - Pink Salt
  • Farmgirl Produce
  • Discova Dukkha with Hana
    Swan Hill
  • Steve's Fish and Fillets
    Swan Hill 
  • Sonré Farms pistachio nuts
    Swan Hill
  • Tripodi & Taverna fruit and vegetables
    Swan Hill
  • Alkira Organics