The Murray Downs Club has three superb, high quality Tifdwarf grass bowling greens and possibly the best bowling facilities in regional Victoria. We currently host the Bowls Victoria Regional Groupsides Tournament and have hosted many other state and national events. The three greens are supported by plenty of shade structures, a bowls office, toilets and disabled toilet facilities and the John Mayers Pavilion with BBQ facilities. We welcome new players and offer support to teach you the tricks of the game, so you will be ready to compete in no time.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our world class bowling greens and become a bowls member. Social Bowls or Barefoot Bowls is another great way to be introduced to the game, contact the Club on 5033 1422 for more information.


Bowls Membership & Fees 
 Bowls Membership $190 
 Thursday & Social Bowls $8 per player 
 All Club Events  $8 per player
 All Club Tournaments $10 per player 
 Green Fees Midweek Pennant $8 per player
 Green Fees Saturday Pennant $8 per player 

Murray Downs Club Fixtures 

Social Bowls  2017/2018
Thursday Summer Mixed Social Bowls  10th August 2017 - 21st December 2017
  4th January 2018 - 29th March 2018
Tuesday Summer Social Bowls 9th January 2018 - 13th March 2018 at 7pm
Sunday Summer Mixed Social Bowls 13th August - 24th September 2017 (No bowls during pennant)
Thursday Mixed Social Bowls Resumes 5th April 2018
Sunday Winter Mixed Social Bowls 6th May 2018 - 5th August 2018


August 2017
13th Murray Downs Opening Day Mixed Fours - 1pm start
15th Murray Downs Aspire Jewellery Start Mixed Fours - 10.30am start
31st Murray Downs Any Combination Triples - 1pm start
September 2017
3rd Club Mixed Pairs - Single Entries - 12.30pm start
19th Murray Downs Tasco Mixed Fours - 10am start
26th Murray Downs Classic 2 day Two Bowls Triples - 9am start
27th Murray Downs Classic 2 day Two Bowls Triples - 9am start
October 2017
5th 2 Bowls Triples (Casual Dress) - 1pm start
13th Women's Championship Singles - Round 1
November 2017
5th Murray Downs Men's Championships
18th Murray Downs Any Combination Triples - 1pm start
December 2017
3th Club & Friends Mixed Triples (Single Entries) - 1pm start
7th Murray Downs Turkey Day Mixed Triples (Single Entries) Swan Hill Wholesalers Special Tournament Day- 1pm start 
14th Christmas Breakup
January 2018 
9th Night pennant - 7pm start 
12th Women's 100up - Round 1 
14th  Presidents Day - Mixed 2 Bowls Triples - 9.30am start
February 2018
4th Murray Downs 3 Bowls Pairs - 1pm start
March 2018
6th Murray Downs 2 Bowls Triples - 1pm start
7th Women's B Grade Championship Round 1 - 9.30am start 
22nd Jane Eliza Motel & Sewgraphics Mixed Medley Day Fours - 10am start 
April 2018
8th   Regional Sides Competition
May 2018
2nd - 10th 2018 Australian Police Bowling Championships 
7th Bowls AGM at Murray Downs 7.30pm